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Digital Recording Using 24 bit Hardware and Computer Based Recording Software including Pro-Tools and multiple plug-ins and effects such as Bombfactory, Focusrite, Antares and more. ADAT equipment adds the ability to record up to 16 simultaneous tracks and up to 128 tracks total. Mastering Equipment includes E-MU 1212 Mastering Card with 24 bit 192 KHz Capabilities and Wavelab Pro Software. In-House Acoustic Drums stands and mikes ready to play with excellent sounds, Yamaha S08 Synthesiser, Roland VGA 7 Guitar Amplifier, Acoustic instrument miking or electronic instrument recording.


25 CD Duplication Package

Send us your Master and artwork and we will custom design a CD Jewel case print to CD label and shrink wrap 25 CD's for one low price of $74.95 plus shipping

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