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Recording Equipment

Digi 003 Pro-Tools

Mackie 32-8 Bus Analog Mixer

Analog Digital Hybrid Setup
(16 Live tracks at once )128 tracks available

Digi 001 for Karaoke Recording
Online access to 13,000 + tracks

M-Audio Studiophile SP5 Reference Monitors

Server Computer dual quad core xeon processors
Mac Pro QuadCore Xeon with 32 GB Ram
E-MU 1212 Card on Mastering Computer
3 Optiplex 3 Ghz Computers
Kensington Advanced Optical Trackball

ADAT lightpipe Digital Mic Preamps

DOD Compressor Limiter

Peavey Rack EQ

ART MP2A Tube mic preamp

Presonus BlueTube Preamp

Tascam Professional CD Recorder

Tascam CD Player

DBX PB48 24x2 channel Patchbay

Behringer 48 point Patchbay

HP Prodesk core i3 Computer with 42" Plasma


Advanced Audio Custom Tube Mic
Audio Technica AT-4040
Shure Beta 87

Shure SM57
Superlux Drum Mic Kit
Tascam TMPC-1 Pencil Condensor Mics
Nady CM88 Pencil Condensor Mics
AKG D790


Baldwin Pianoville Digital Grand Piano

Brian Moore MIDI Guitar
Roland VGA-7
Roland Jazz Chorus
Boss GP-3 Multi effects processor

Alvarez 12 String Acoustic Guitar

Classical Guitar

Precision Copy Bass Guitar

Yamaha Stage Customs 5 pc Drums
Superlux Drum Mics

Alesis Drum Machine

8 Channel Headphone System

4 seperate HP mixes and multiple connections throughout studio

And much Much More!!!


CD duplication Equipment

Xerox Phaser 7400
Dell Color laser printer
(professional quality printing)
Dell Optiplex Duplication Computer
300 page Paper Cutting System
Rimage Thermal CD Printer
7 Bay CD Duplicator
Seal n Shrink Professional Shrink Wrap system

Video Editing and Conversion

2 Dell Optiplex Computers

Pinnacle HD Capture Cards

Mac G5 Video Editing Software


Spacious Vocal Booth with free floating floors and plenty of insulation for sound...Wired and ready for acoustic instuments or vocal tracks...also a karaoke screen to read lyrics or perform Karaoke lipsync videos
Shrink wrapping service available for CDs that we produce or your own CD's